About Education for Waste Picker kids

50 Waste pickers’ families have been living in damaged unprotected huts in a slum in Guntur city, Andhra Pradesh, India since 2010. Waste Picking and selling is the only source of income to their families. They are living in utter poverty with at risk of starvation and ill health. Children are not growing well as per their age without proper care and education. Children in these families have almost negligible exposure to education and children are already engaged in working as waste picking.
This BASS Centre operates 4 hours daily and 6 days in a week. It is a registered nonprofit organization operating with the of two Teachers, one cook and care taker. To operate this Centre at least US$ 500 per month to provide daily breakfast and evening meals for 50 kids, in addition to basic care and proper guidance.
Please donate to this cause. No amount is small. And your care goes a long way in molding waste picker kids to a civic minded citizens